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Go farther than you ever imagined. Whatever you want, whatever you need, digital components from Pearson Scott Foresman keep your instruction fresh, engaging, and inspiring. With just one click, you can see the difference the right tools can make. Go anywhere. Go Digital!


Symbols of America!

Give your students a chance to interact with key symbols of our republic in a new and exciting way! Delve into the history of our nation through an Essential Question led exploration of the American Flag, and sing along to patriotic songs, or teach the Pledge of Allegiance. Symbols of America has been designed as an interactive learning tool for K-5 classrooms, and can be used in conjunction with any digital whiteboard, an LCD projector, or a personal computer.

Best of all? It’s free! Download the project or link to it online & let us know your thoughts, how you use it in your classroom, or how we can make the next chapter of this free project even better for educators!

Download the project or link to it online

Colonial Williamsburg Primary Sources CD-ROM

Colonial Williamsburg Primary Sources CD-ROM

Lead your students on a firsthand history experience. History comes alive with every artifact and reenactment from the nation’s largest living history museum.

  • Introduce your students to sound practices of historical research
  • Teach your students to think like historians
  • Allow students to analyze and evaluate their knowledge of primary sources with built-in activities

The Primary Sources CD-ROM is digital whiteboard ready, and boasts multiple student-centered activity options.

Digital Learning CD-ROM Powered by KnowledgeBox®

Take your students on a digital adventure! Every learning module from KnowledgeBox is correlated to your lessons and can be accessed through a colorful, easy to use interface.

  • Access videos, interactive software, and print activities
  • Meet individual learning needs
  • Make it a part of your activity-based social studies program

The Digital Learning CD-ROM is digital whiteboard ready, and provides software, video, and print activities correlated to Scott Foresman Social Studies, Grades 1-5.

Digital Learning CD-ROM Powered by KnowledgeBox