Title III provides over $700 million in funds intended to help schools supplement their language instruction programs so students can gain proficiency in speaking, listening to, reading, and writing English. Schools are expected to hold limited English proficient students to the same challenging state standards in core subjects required of all students.


Distribution: States distribute funding to school districts based on the number of English language learners they serve.

Use of Funds: Title III funds are intended to provide professional development and curriculum, including technology and supplemental programs.

Title III Program Guidance

Snapshot of Title III Funds

Defining Academic Language for English Learners
English-learning students need to understand the aspects of the English language to more effectively engage with academic content.

English Learners: Achieving Academic Growth and Language Proficiency
By 2025, one out of every four students will be an English language learner. Districts need an integrated and comprehensive solution for these learners that address assessment, professional development, and instruction in unison.


Language Central - Language Central Boosts K-5 English Language Development 30 Minutes Daily


Pearson English Learning System - An Integrated solution to help english learnings reach their full potential