School Improvement Grants

School Improvement Grants

School Improvement Grants are intended to serve the nation’s lowest performing schools by providing funds to implement extensive changes and interventions.


Distribution: Each state is required to identify the bottom 5% of persistently low-performing schools, including high schools. States then hold competitive grants, allowing districts to apply for funds on behalf of these low-performing schools.

Use of Funds: Districts must use funds to implement one of four federal models: turnaround, transformation, closure, or restart. Each model has different requirements and interventions. The transformation model is the most widely implemented, and allows for professional development and extensive curriculum reorganization.

School Improvement Guidance

Snapshot of School Improvement Funds

SIG Reform strategy

Pearson match

Hire external providers to assist in planning for and carrying out activities necessary for full implementation of a school intervention model


Professional development to ensure that limited English proficient students acquire language skills to master academic content

Continuous use of student data to inform and differentiate instruction in order to meet the academic needs of individual students AIMSWeb
Use technology-based supports and interventions as part of the instructional program


Increasing graduation rates through, for example, credit-recovery programs, re-engagement strategies, smaller learning communities, competency-basedinstruction and performance-based assessments, and acceleration of basic reading and mathematics skills.”

NovaNET Courseware

All Curriculum Solutions for SIG


Formative Assessment by Teachers — and Computers?
The ideal adaptive learning solution supports classroom formative assessment by keeping teachers in the loop regarding a student's progress and enabling highly individualized interventions where needed.

Learning Management Systems
Using Learning Management Systems to help teachers make the transition from the primary presenter of content to the expert that helps students navigate an increasingly sophisticated concentration of digital content.

School Turnaround
With sustained leadership and key interventions, the 2010 McKinsey report concludes that all school systems could become better.


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