Pearson is a leader in school improvement plan services. We have successfully partnered with over 1,000 schools to implement schoolwide reform and intervention.

Targeted School Improvement Grant Support

Pearson’s experienced specialists have worked with many SIG applicants to design a custom, evidence-based intervention plan in response to their School Improvement Grant needs assessment.


No matter which of the school reform models you choose to implement for School Improvement Grants, Pearson’s evidence-based programs can help.


SIG Reform strategy

Pearson match

Professional development to ensure that limited English proficient students acquire language skills to master academic content.


Continuous use of student data to inform and differentiate instruction in order to meet the academic needs of individual students.


Use technology-based supports and interventions as part of the instructional program.


Increasing graduation rates through, for example, credit-recovery programs, re-engagement strategies, smaller learning communities, competency-basedinstruction and performance-based assessments, and acceleration of basic reading and mathematics skills.

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