Most grant applications are released 4-6 weeks before submissions are due. Here are some tips to help you prepare in advance for writing a grant.

  1. Form a planning committee.
    Invite a variety of stake-holders to participate in planning the grant-funded project. In addition to district decision-makers, include parents of targeted students, community-based organizations, and local universities.
  2. Define your project.
    You will have the best success with grants if you focus on a project with defined parameters and set goals. Apply only to granting agencies that will fund projects similar to yours.
  3. Gather data.
    Every grant application requires a needs statement, in which you make the case for why your school or district needs assistance. This section of the application is your first chance to grab the grant reviewer’s attention. Keep a file on hand with continually updated information such as
    • Demographic data
    • State assessment results
    • School report cards
    • Parent, teacher, and student surveys
    • District technology plans
    • Current student to computer ratio.

More tips for preparing for grants

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