My Summer Math



Why am I encouraged to color the robots on the program website?
We have highlighted the coloring aspect because every student workbook has a cover that allows students to color in the robots at their grade level. This student customizable cover is just one more way we hope to engage students in math.

What do you mean by “customize this program”?
Choose everything from the title of your summer school program, to the topics you want to teach and the order you teach them to your students. Student books and the Teacher Edition will be published to match.

HHow does the customization work?
There are six different topics offered at each grade level. You will choose the number and content of the topics that best fit your summer program’s needs, arrange them in the order that you want to teach them, and choose what the program will be called. We then print the Student Workbooks and Teacher’s Editions to meet these specifications.

Can we choose this program even if we do not use a Pearson basal mathematics program during the school year?
Yes, of course. This program is very clearly organized so it is easy to use even if you are not familiar with other elementary Pearson programs. In addition, since you are able to tailor the program to meet your needs, you will find it easy both to reinforce those math skills your students struggled with in their previous grade and to prepare your students for their next grade level no matter your school’s current mathematics program(s).

What grades levels are available to customize for the Summer School Math program?
The Summer School Math program is available from kindergarten through grade 5. It is also possible to choose topics from a variety of grade levels to create your program. The Teacher’s Edition will match the customization of the Student Workbooks at each of these grade levels.

Will my students be able to tell that they are being taught topics from a variety of grade levels?
No, topics will be incorporated seamlessly into the program you choose.

How long is each math lesson?
Each 2-page math lesson is set up to be between 45-60 minutes. Every lesson has the opportunity to be extended an additional 30 minutes through the use of the math game as an engaging practice option.

How long does it take to teach each topic?
Each topic takes approximately one week to teach if a lesson is taught each day of the week.

What manipulatives are available in this program?
There is a manipulative kit for each grade level as well as separate manipulative kits for the two Math Game Books (K-2, 3-5).

What components are available in Spanish?
There is a Student Workbook in Spanish. Assessments and the corresponding answers in Spanish are available in the Teacher Edition.