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Digital Instructional Services - Tailored training to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement


Basic Lab Manager

In the Basic Lab Manager institute the new lab manager will receive a thorough basic NovaNET training with special emphasis on the site director's roles. A specialized reports training will be conducted. This institute will concentrate on information needed to document student progress and data collection for district documentation. An implementation discussion with school and/or district leaders will be held, and a discussion covering: scheduling, lab organization, lab procedures/rules, and documentation suggestions will be included. Examples of various lab set ups will be given and samples of documents used will be shared.

Advanced Lab Manager

The Advanced Lab Manager institute is for staff members who are tasked with continually monitoring student progress, making educational decisions as well as data collection and reporting. We will examine student data samples and analyze the data to specifically increase student achievement. Included in the training will be strategies for students to read and interpret their own data and data collection and reporting for building administrators, district administrators and school board members. Ties to student contracts and motivation strategies will be discussed to hold students accountable for their own progress and help them take charge of their own learning. Prerequisites: participants must have attended a NovaNET initial training session and must be able to run as well as export reports. Administrators and guidance counselors who wish to attend should accompany a staff member who is proficient in NovaNET reports.

Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI)

The NovaNET BASI institute is for experienced NovaNET users. The BASI can be a valuable diagnostic assessment, as well as a useful tool for measuring AYP. Learn how to administer the BASI to your students and interpret the results. Experience hands-on time with the six subtests, take an in-depth look at the BASI reports and review the objective based BASI remediation curricula in NovaNET. Also learn how to customize the order or select certain tests to assign to students.

Middle School Institute

The middle school institute is for customers who have NovaNET, SMe and/or WritetoLearn. Do your middle school students struggle in English/language arts, math or science? Do you have students who are below, on, or above their grade level in a single class? This institute will empower you to meet the unique and varied needs of middle school students with a suite of digital tools - NovaNET, SMe, and WritetoLearn. Teachers will learn strategies for utilizing these three digital tools to assess student skill levels and differentiate instruction for both remediation and enrichment. This session will focus on creating a customized implementation and is designed for teachers who already have completed initial training and have a working knowledge of the basic functions of each.

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