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Digital Instructional Services - Tailored training to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement



The Waterford and DIBELS institute will introduce participants to two areas; indicators assessed through DIBELS, and what the Waterford Early Reading program can do to support DIBELS results. Participants will have the opportunity to explore all levels of the Waterford software and classroom teacher and student materials in order to enhance classroom instruction and classroom implementation.

Make and Take

A Waterford Make and Take will provide the participants time to become familiar with the contents of the teachers crates. They will have hands-on time exploring the crates, creating materials and connecting the lessons found in the lessons and resources to the software for whole group instruction. The participants will leave the training with multiple sets of complete lessons along with materials they can use immediately in the classroom.

Meeting New Math and Science Requirements

Waterford Math and Science becomes a powerful resource in your classroom to help you meet primary math benchmarks. Learn how to locate specific content and create effective classroom activities, both within the software and with the teacher and student materials, to help students meet the new requirements.

Special Education Needs Institute

Use Waterford and/or SuccessMaker Enterprise to help meet the needs of special education students. The Waterford and SuccessMaker Enterprise programs provide a placement tests to determine the appropriate level for each student. The reports will provide goals and objectives for a student's individualized education program and documentation that those goals and objectives have been accomplished.

Training Resource Center/Aligning State Benchmarks

We will focus on the use of the teacher resource center (TRC) in the classroom. We will focus on incorporating the TRC into a teacher's daily routine, which includes centers, small group activities and whole group instruction to strengthen their implementation. Activities will be aligned with state benchmarks.

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