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SuccessMaker Enterprise

Digital Instructional Services - Tailored training to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement


Data Driven Decision Making for Administrators

This institute provides in-depth training on the tools and skills necessary to make informed decisions regarding instruction and curricular activities in the current standards-based test environment. The emphasis will be on SuccessMaker Enterprise data that will assist in identifying performance indicators and help to focus and drive the instructional processes within your school, while enhancing overall program implementation.

English Language Learners

English language learners (ELL) are a diverse and ever growing part of our student population. Learn how to use SuccessMaker Enterprise and/or Waterford to differentiate instruction, individualize student assignments, and assist our ELL students on their path to learning English.


Come join our Blitz to learn and develop new strategies on how to meet the demands of high stakes testing. This session will offer techniques to assist teachers in customizing SuccessMaker Enterprise to give students the opportunity to practice and/or review skills they might see on a high stakes test. These strategies can be used to expose students that are presently working below grade level to higher level curriculum or as a review for those students working above grade level.

Intensive Reading Institute and Intensive Math Institute

The purpose of the institute is to provide Intensive Reading Institutes and Intensive Math Institute schools and districts with the tools and strategies found in SuccessMaker Enterprise which will assist students in raising their high stakes testing scores. Attendees will learn how to: track student progress toward SuccessMaker Enterprise state benchmarks levels; create and assign math custom courses for intervention; create and assign reading custom courses in reader's workshop and reading adventures for intervention.

Middle School Institute

The middle school institute is for customers who have NovaNET, SuccessMaker Enterprise and/or WritetoLearn. Do your middle school students struggle in English/language arts, math or science? Do you have students who are below, on, or above their grade level in a single class? This institute will empower you to meet the unique and varied needs of middle school students with a suite of digital tools - NovaNET, SuccessMaker Enterprise, and WritetoLearn. Teachers will learn strategies for utilizing these three digital tools to assess student skill levels and differentiate instruction for both remediation and enrichment. This session will focus on creating a customized implementation and is designed for teachers who already have completed initial training and have a working knowledge of the basic functions of each.

Response to Intervention

This institute will provide intervention solutions for schools addressing response to intervention requirements. Using Waterford and/or SuccessMaker Enterprise, this institute will help you to assist students in need of differentiated instruction and will support your school in creating an individual plan of action for reading and/or math.

Science Discovery and Math

Come and discover the secret of integrating science and math using SuccessMaker Enterprise in grades 5-8. Help unlock this mysterious connection.

Special Education Needs Institute

Use Waterford and/or SuccessMaker Enterprise to help meet the needs of special education students. The Waterford and SuccessMaker Enterprise programs provide placement tests to determine the appropriate level for each student. The reports will provide goals and objectives for a student's individualized education program and documentation that those goals and objectives have been accomplished.

Using SuccessMaker Enterprise to Monitor/Track AYP Subgroups

The purpose of this institute is to assist administrators, instructional coaches, and teachers address the needs of a wide variety of student groups for adequate yearly progress. Participants will learn the appropriate grouping for all subgroups; creation of classroom groups; the appropriate reports to track AYP groups for usage, success and areas of difficulty; how to use reports to address needs within SuccessMaker Enterprise and classroom or small group's instruction; and customizing courses and lesson sets for reinforcement and whole group instruction.

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