Table of Contents

Part 1: Careers and You

Your Personal Strengths

The Roles You Play

What is a Career?

Researching Types of Careers

Be Your Own Boss


Part 2: Preparing for a Career

Academic Planning

Skills for Success

Building Relationships

Communicating with Others

Basic Math for Business

Technology in Business

Part 3: Identifying a Career

Career Planning

The Career Search

Be an Entrepreneur

Evaluating Compensation


Part 4: Succeeding in Your Career

Getting Started

Being Productive

Balancing Work, Family, and Friends


Part 5: Personal Financial Management

Personal Money Management

Personal Financial Planning


Part 6: Business Financial Management


Basic Business Financial Management

Business Calculations

Business Management


Appendix A. Clusters and Pathways

Appendix B. Career Ladders

Appendix C. Sample Business Plan