Research-based and widely field tested, the Evaluación del desarrollo de la lectura, Segunda Edition K – 6 (EDL2), helps students become independent successful readers by giving educators the right mix of tools needed to assess accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. EDL2 helps educators in dual language, bilingual, and immersion classrooms identify each student’s reading ability, document progress, and implement effective reading instruction. EDL2 includes these new features:

  • Inclusion of fluency measure for a comprehensive assessment
  • Scoring handbook includes student exemplars in Spanish
  • 47 Benchmark Assessment Books at Levels A – 60
  • Stronger balance of narrative and nonfiction texts
  • Comprehensive training DVD featuring four examples of assessment and analysis

You can also administer EDL on a handheld device - learn more here.

Download an EDL2 Brochure.




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