Sing, Spell, Read & Write - Homeschool


Level 1

The Level 1 Kit includes all the materials you need for a full year of instructions: Level 1 student books, Off We Go and Raceway, the Assessment Book, Level 1 Instructor's Manual, 17 Level 1 storybooks, Level 1 CD, as well as 6 Level 1 audiocassettes, the Raceway placemat, the A-Z Phonics Song placemat, A-Z Pick-A-Sound Card Game, A-Z Sound-O Game, Letter Cluster Pick-A-Sound Card Game, Letter Cluster Sound-O Game, Word-O Game, clear bingo chips, dry erase marker, eraser, and a Treasure Chest filled with prizes!

The level 1 student books and assessment books are available separately.


Program Components

Product Name Quantity
2nd Edition Level 1 Home Kit price: $231.47
isbn10: 1567048072
isbn13: 9781567048070
Off We Go Student Book price: $10.47
isbn10: 1567045049
isbn13: 9781567045048
Raceway Student Book price: $15.97
isbn10: 1567045057
isbn13: 9781567045055
Assessment Book price: $9.13
isbn10: 1567045367
isbn13: 9781567045369
Raceway Cars (5) price: $1.99
isbn10: 1567045375
isbn13: 9781567045376

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