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2016 NCCER Catalog

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10/20/2016 The Internationalization of the US Registered Apprenticeship System: What Role Does CTE Play?
Registered Apprenticeship Programs have received an abundance of media attention as a pathway to middle skill jobs that decades ago were responsible for building the middle class. This webinar will share strategies to model the world-class Career and Technical Education programs (known as TVET) in Switzerland and Germany and key ingredients that will assist in assuring apprenticeship growth success: The need to engage willing employers to serve as apprenticeship sponsors across the targeted industry sectors.
11/2/2016 Show Me the Money: Finding and Winning the Right Federal Grants to Advance Your CTE Programs
In this compelling and interactive webinar, you will learn about the latest federal grants targeted towards Career and Technical Education, who the agencies are funding, and what they are really looking for in program designs – key information that will help you capture a piece of the pie at a time when funding is scarce and highly competitive.
11/3/2016 Collaboration is Key: Working with Industry to Create Better Career Pathways
The focus of this presentation will be on how CTE programs that align with the needs of local industry can lead to available careers in a regional economy and provide a direct pipeline for students to employers. These programs represent how education and industry can work together to ensure communities maintain a well-trained workforce.