Art Education


Actively engage students inside and outside the classroom with innovative technology, media, activities, and unprecedented support for art learners.

Integrated learning and assessment allows art students to develop a deeper understanding of the content and assists teachers in continually assessing progress.

Give students opportunities to demonstrate what they’ve learned using state-of-art online resources, media, activities, and more..

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Explore Art Education Programs from Pearson


Scott Foresman Art Book with Butterfly

Pearson Art Programs

Pearson Art education programs help today’s teachers provide K-8 grade students with quality content and age-appropriate experiences through innovative print, audio, and digital resources.


Providing the Foundation for a World of Possibilities

Pearson's High School, Honors, Electives, & AP* Art programs provide students with the skills they need to succeed. From Art History, Art Appreciation, and Art Principles, to Art Resources, Drawing, and 2-D 3-D Design

Art History Tops a Stack of Books


art whiteboard

Digital Products

Here you can learn about the innovative teaching tools that are part of Scott Foresman Art.

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Authorship Team

Scott Foresman was created by a nationally recognized team of experts in the field of art education. Each bring their personal area of expertise to the program.

multi-colored pen illustration