For Levels 1–2–3

Percorsi is an exciting new program carefully designed to support two key aspects of the language acquisition process, language comprehension and language production. Students actively engage in a communicative journey of Italian language and culture through the integration of the “5 Cs”.  

Percorsi is organized into three levels to build students competency and proficiency in Italian. The focus is to help students understand and speak Italian in a variety of settings with increasing accuracy, confidence and sophistication.  

Percorsi is a rich, highly flexible program with a well-developed approach to skill development allowing for many pathways or options for both teachers and students.

Volume 1- Introduces students to the Italian language and culture. Covers basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Volume 2- Helps students develop deeper fluency of Italian by moving from words and sentences to paragraphs and stories, enabling a more in-depth understanding of Italian culture.

Volume 3- Send them to Italy! Students continue to develop communication skills in Italian and deepen their understanding of Italian culture, everyday life, society and values.