Supplemental Solutions: Digital Solutions for Common Core

Step Up to Common Core: Achieving Common Core Readiness Together One Step at a Time

We live in a complex, highly competitive global world and the Common Core State Standards lay out a path to prepare our children to be successful in it. Pearson offers digital instruction solutions to help every single child perform to Common Core Standards, be an active participant in his or her own intellectual development, and walk the staircase of increasing academic complexity to reach a level of academic readiness for college, career, and life in a global world.


Developing Common Core Leaders

Develop Common Core Leaders

Partnering with the world’s leading learning company means having a single partner you can count on to support your Common Core goals including face-to-face, job-embedded and virtual services to meet your Common Core professional development needs.

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Preparing for Common Core Assessment

Prepare for Common Core Assessment

New Common Core assessments will put technology to work in ways that are brand new to the world of high-stakes assessment. But at Pearson, we've been integrating instruction and assessment through the power of technology for over 40 years. Our digital curricula will do more than just get your students comfortable with online assessment in preparation for Common Core—they'll open the door for richer interaction with instruction that drives real results.

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