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Common Core State Standards

Pearson can support you for a successful transition to the Common Core. Many of our authors and experts, including Skip Fennell and Karen Wixson, helped develop the Common Core.

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enVisionMATH Common Core®

Written specifically to address the Common Core State Standards, enVisionMATH Common Core is based on critical foundational research and proven classroom results.



Investigations in Number, Data, and Space for the Common Core

Investigations helps you implement the Common Core State Standards by connecting the Standards for Mathematical Content to the 8 Standards for Mathematical Practice.


Language Central for Math

How can elementary students solve the problem if they don’t understand the question? Language Central for Math helps English language learners develop the vocabulary and content knowledge necessary for success in math. Lessons take about one hour a week to teach, making it a perfect supplement to any math classroom.




Intensive, Data-Driven, and Balanced

focusMATH is an intensive, K–6 math intervention program that fits any Response to Intervention framework. The program identifies at-risk elementary students and accelerates learning by focusing on foundational skills, clear instructional models, and ongoing progress monitoring.