A treasury of all-time favorite stories opens the door to great literature

Retold at an easily accessible reading level, AGS Classics Short Stories is a collection of 150 stories that provide a friendly introduction to classics literature. Students will benefit from exposure to these enduring stories with beautiful illustrations that provide visual reference for the characters and settings. Each of the fifty books also includes a biographical sketch of the author and back-of-the-book discussion questions.

Bring favorite short stories to life

Five short story collections bring together a wide range of literary experiences. Retold in easy-to-read language geared for students with reading difficulties, stories sample the American experience and provide insight into other cultures. Each book contains two or more stories by an important author, and includes a biographical sketch of the writer, plus discussion questions for better understanding. Teaching the Short Story, a curriculum guide with reproducible exercises, is also available.

Reading Level: 3-4

Interest Level: 6-12