You want to build a strong foundation of knowledge. Of Thinking. Of understanding. You want to instill the core skills that will take your students through the rest of their academic careers and indeed, their lives.

We want the same thing. That's why Pearson's Early Learning solutions are research-based and classroom tested to deliver the information young students need to know in a way they can easily grasp and hang on to for a lifetime of achievement and learning.

Pearson provides the research-based curriculum tools you need for your PreK students who are at risk. Opening the World of Learning, our comprehensive, integrated curriculum develops foundational language, academic and social skills in all domains of learning, and is perfect for your full or half-day PreK program. Family literacy is a critical component of healthy families, schools and communities.  Pearson's Read Together, Talk Together program builds oral language and emergent literacy skills by providing books and simple read-aloud instructions to families.