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Research-based and field-tested, Opening the World of Learning is a comprehensive integrated, Pre-K curriculum designed to develop language and early literacy skills in the context of rich content - primarily in the areas of mathematics, science, and social studies. Unit topics include Family, Friends, Wind and Water, World of Color, Shadows and Reflections, and Things That Grow.

The Complete Pre-K Kit includes:

  • 6 Teacher's Guides (one for each of six units)
  • Program Guide
  • 48 Children's Books
  • 100 full-color Picture Cards
  • Poetry Posters
  • Sing-Along Songs and Poems CD
  • Evaluating Language and Literacy in Four-Year-Olds: A Practical Guide for Teachers
  • Math Activity Aids
  • Professional Development DVD

The Summer School Program fosters children’s learning in all content areas, while its detailed schedule helps teachers move from one activity to another with ease. This scientifically research-based curriculum:

  • Prepares all children for Kindergarten including ELL and special needs students
  • Builds strong language and early literacy skills throughout the day
  • Provides easy-to-follow lesson plans for summer school teachers
  • Meets the pre-requisite Reading First components


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