DRA2 Grades 4-8 (Print)

The Basics

The DRA2 Benchmark Assessment measures each student’s reading proficiency through systematic observation, recording, and evaluating of performance.  Administer the Benchmark Assessment to identify an instructional plan that will meet the needs of each student.


The Process

By following the straightforward, four-step process, the DRA2 Benchmark Assessment pinpoints student strengths, abilities, and needs

Step 1: Reading Engagement
Observe Student reading habits, preferences, and goals

Step 2: Oral Reading Fluency
Analyze and record oral reading

Step 3: Comprehension
Evaluate how well students understand the information they have read

Step 4: Teacher Analysis
Use Assessment results to personalize instruction to meet the needs of every learner


The Package

The DRA2+ 4-8 Comprehensive Package includes:

  • DRA2 Benchmark Assessment (4-8 Teacher’s Guide, 3 sets of 28 Benchmark Books levels 20-80, Spiral-bound Blackline Masters Book, Blackline Masters CD (with PDFs), Laminated Assessment Procedures Overview Card with Record of Oral Reading Guidelines, Training DVD, Timing Calculation Clipboard, Organizer with hanging folders, 30 Student Assessment Folders)
  • DRA2 Progress Monitoring Assessment (Progress Monitoring Teacher’s Guide, Blackline Masters CD with 95 leveled passages, and 16 Instructional Routine Cards)

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**Also available in Spanish Evaluación del desarrollo de la lectura®


DRA2+ 4-8 Comprehensive Package c2012
DRA2 4-8 Comprehensive Package
DRA2 4-8 Upgrade Package
DRA2 4-8 Student Folder 30-pack
DRA2 Progress Monitoring Assessment, Classroom Package