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Reading is at the heart of everything we do.


Elementary Literacy Solutions From Pearson

Pearson Literacy Solutions recognizes that each elementary student has his or her own path to learning and each teacher his or her own unique way of reaching students. We are proud to partner with you to answer all your elementary reading needs.


The word on the street is…

if you teach with Reading Street Common Core, you'll teach with confidence. Every lesson focuses on Common Core State Standards, moving children toward higher-order thinking and college and career readiness.



Common Core State Standards

Pearson can support you for a successful transition to the Common Core. Many of our authors and experts, including Skip Fennell and Karen Wixson, helped develop the Common Core.

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Introducing Opening the World of Learning (OWL)

Come meet Ollie and view this new bilingual comprehensive Pre-Kindergarten curriculum.

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Language Central

Looking for literacy materials for your ELLs? This new English Language Development program is appropriate for elementary students at all language proficiency levels.