Pearson K-12 Literacy Solutions

The world is transforming, and the way we learn and communicate is evolving along with it. From e-mails, texts, the Internet, social media, and instant messages to mobile devices, virtual collaboration, and more, technology changes the way we interact with each other. It is crucial to prepare students to become effective 21st century communicators.

How can we prepare students today to be college and career ready, globally competitive, and able to meet the challenges of tomorrow? Pearson is leading the way by providing students with rich, meaningful opportunities to:

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  • Build content knowledge through informational texts in order to develop strong general knowledge of the world around them and so they can also learn independently
  • Use technology capably and strategically
  • Read increasingly complex texts to prepare for the demands of reading required in college and career
  • Focus on comprehension
  • Cite text-based evidence
  • Learn academic content and language simultaneously
  • Make coherent learning progressions

With Pearson, the true promise of personalized learning for every student can be achieved through integrating powerful instructional resources, improving assessments and student data, providing effective school and educator improvement services, and utilizing technology to make instruction and learning more accessible for every student.



myPerspectives transforms the 21st century classroom into a dynamic and engaging environment for next-generation learners through compelling literature and quality instruction that makes the teaching of English Language Arts culturally, socially, and technologically relevant.



ReadyGEN is a K–6 integrated literacy program that accelerates learning for all by presenting modeled reading experience with authentic text. Students engage in practice, build motivation, and improve their reading stamina.


Reading Street
Common Core

Reading Street Common Core is a comprehensive K–6 curriculum designed to motivate and engage while providing the necessary foundation to move all students toward higher-order thinking and college and career readiness.

Reading Street Common Core
Pearson System of Courses

Pearson System
of Courses

Pearson System of Courses is a brand-new K-12 curriculum, deliberately designed to deliver on the promise of technology and the goals of the CCSS and:

  • Provide a whole new approach to teaching and learning through a cohesive, standards-based instructional system.
  • Support the learning, motivation and engagement of all students through a collaborative workshop model.
  • Implement daily rituals and routines to encourage student ownership of their learning and maximizing instructional time.

Pearson Literature

Pearson Literature is a powerful and transitional English Language Arts program for Grades 6–12 that gives educators and students a clear pathway to success by integrating quality instruction with innovative technology, meaningful practice, and real-world application for all learners. 

Pearson Literature
Prentice Hall Writing Coach

Prentice Hall Writing Coach

Transform writing in the classroom with Prentice Hall Writing Coach, a personalized, assessment-driven, writing and grammar program that prepares students in Grades 6–12 for high-stakes testing and next generation assessments.