Core Knowledge History and Geography


Features and Benefits

  • Provides essential American and world history and geography concepts so students acquire a solid foundation of knowledge.
  • Uses an age appropriate, student-friendly narrative style to foster reading comprehension.
  • Engages students with beautifully illustrated, highly visual pages.


Pearson Learning Core Knowledge delivers high quality social studies lessons edited by Core Knowledge founder E.D. Hirsch, Jr. and aligned to the Core Knowledge Sequence for history and geography curriculum. In levels K-2 teacher directed lessons control the scope of learning. In levels 3-6 lessons become more student-driven providing the opportunity for independent thinking. Across all levels, content instruction unfolds across beautifully illustrated, highly visual pages that engage and make information easier to understand and manage. Pearson Learning Core Knowledge will:

  • Build a strong foundation of history and geography skills that students need for academic success.
  • Enhance comprehension through read-aloud stories at levels K-2 and a student-friendly narrative text at levels 3-6.
  • Combine American and world history and geography content at each grade level for a robust social studies curriculum.
  • Promote learning by noting and defining key vocabulary.
  • Prepare teachers with thoughtfully planned teacher guides containing the tools for program success: background information, multiple assessment opportunities, point-of-use content references and learning masters, cross-curricular, vocabulary and discussion suggestions.
  • Captivate students with stunning illustrations, fine art, maps and informative graphs.
  • Support the implementation of a Core Knowledge sequence curricula in social studies with student and teacher materials that can be purchased in an array of flexible options.