Leveled Readers for Every Reader

What are Leveled Readers?

Leveled readers help students practice and reinforce skills while fostering a love of reading. Curriculum content is "leveled" – a system of establishing text difficulty by evaluating features such as language use, sentence structure, story elements and more. Once assessments determine the level at which students read, books are matched to that level - books that are challenging enough for the student to make progress, but not so difficult they cause frustration. Leveled reading texts from Pearson help educators provide appropriate materials for every student.


Leveled Readers for English Language Learners

English Language Learners

Leveled readers for English language learners offer differentiated instruction for students reading in the content area, and time-saving strategies for educators.  Encourage a love of reading for all students and accelerate them toward greater proficiency.


Reading/Language Arts

Providing a variety of genres and topics for students, as well as types of literature (newspaper, magazines, novels, etc.) opens the world of information for every level of reader. Promote reading and comprehension skills with an array of titles and subjects to encourage a love of reading.

Leveled Readers for Reading/Language Arts
Leveled Readers for Science


As students explore the wonders of Science, books become their path to discovery. Science books, leveled to each student, support core curriculum instruction, and offer students an opportunity to satisfy their interest in individual science concepts.


Social Studies

Students learn about the present by studying the past and exploring cultural diversity. With books matched to their "just right" level, interest, and purpose, students get the support and encouragement they need to read a variety of books and gain confidence to become successful readers.

Leveled Readers for Social Studies