Shared Reading Basic Package

Good Habits, Great Readers™ presents seven units of study utilizing a variety of shared texts—all designed to help students master the habits of successful readers. Included are: Big Books, authentic literature (trade books), wall-size poetry posters, and an audio CD (for Grades K-1).

A spiral-bound Teacher’s Guide helps you explicitly teach, model, and guide students in learning specific comprehension strategies. It includes weekly lesson plan overviews with related Center Activities and daily scaffolded lessons that include: focus lessons with ways to introduce the strategy, model it, talk together, and review and reflect; mini-lessons that address one related skill in phonics, phonemic awareness, word study or vocabulary; examples of the language a master teacher would use to model the strategy; links to Guided Reading lessons; suggestions for informal assessment, reteaching or ESL/ELL support.

Includes 1 Shared Reading Teachers's Guide, 5 Penguin Putnam Trade Books, 16 Big Books, 10-14 Poetry Posters, 1 Audio CD (Grades K-1), 1 Assessment Handbook, Program Overview.

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