Environmental Science: Your World, Your Turn


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Pearson is proud to present a new high school program that makes environmental science personal and actionable for each student.


Real Issues. Real Data. Real Choices.

Pearson’s Environmental Science: Your World, Your Turn is based on real, current, and relevant content that brings the world of environmental science to life. All while making it personal and actionable for every student.

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Teacher Planning Guide
Your one-stop resource for chapter planning! Start your lessons with confidence using this Planning Guide, which appears in every chapter of the Teacher’s Edition text. Each guide the Online Activities, Worksheets, Labs, Classroom Presentation Tools, and Assessments you can use to teach this chapter.

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Multiple Access Points
Teachers can get their materials on the traditional Classroom Resources DVD, the Online Teacher’s Edition or through the online teacher resources on MyEnvironmentalScience.com.

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Editable Documents
An editable version of every lesson plan is found both on the Classroom Resource DVD and in the Online Teacher’s Edition. These rich-text files are easy to use and are compatible with all word-processing programs. Editable Worksheets from the Student Workbook and Online Lab Manual let teachers easily update materials to better suit their class.

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Online Course Management
Customize and save lesson plans, assign digital activities, and plan your week’s teaching schedule—all in one place (MyEnvironmentalScience.com). Assign and track student progress for a wide range of online student activities with automatic grading.

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Inquiry at Its Most Flexible
Pearson’s Environmental Science: Your World, Your Turn takes hands-on and minds-on learning to a new level. It provides tools that balance your time and resources, and even extend your classroom outside.

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Deliver environmental science lessons to your students where they live in the digital world, and manage your class, at MyEnvironmentalScience.com.

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Program Facts

State Pages

  • 21st Century Learners (P21)
  • Whiteboard Compatible (WBC)
  • Digital Courseware
  • English Language Learners (ELL)