SuccessMaker®: A Digital Learning Curriculum



Solutions to Support Core Instruction

Whether you implement in a lab as part of your regular curriculum or on a classroom computer as a targeted intervention tool, SuccessMaker takes your core curriculum beyond one-size-fits-all instruction with standards-aligned, research-based digital curriculum that addresses a wide spectrum of learning modalities to help every learner succeed.


Support for Your Standards

SuccessMaker provides supplemental instruction that supports your standards. Correlated to both individual state and Common Core State Standards, SuccessMaker's curricula and a powerful learning management system help you address instructional shifts, personalize learning and manage data and accountability so you can ensure that your elementary, middle and high school students are on the path to college and career readiness.



Enriching Your Core Instruction

SuccessMaker is designed to enhance any core instructional program through it's power to personalize learning. Students receive preview, review, remediation and extension based on their needs to build on concepts covered during regular, teacher-led instruction and the ability to assign content by concept or standard means you students will be prepared at test time.



A Personalized Path to Success

SuccessMaker keeps learners on the road to success. At every turn, the program helps students break through roadblocks by delivering tutorials, prerequisite instruction, and other scaffolded interventions based on their individual needs.



Engaged, Empowered Learning.

SuccessMaker works because kids want to use it. The tools, feedback and content are all designed to engage and empower students as they learn.

SuccessMaker employs scaffolded feedback, tutorial intervention and multi-sensory feedback and cues that encourage critical thinking, self-direction and other active learning strategies.


Program Facts

State Pages

  • 21st Century Learners (P21)
  • Whiteboard Compatible (WBC)
  • Digital Courseware
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • STEM
  • Funding