SuccessMaker®: A Digital Learning Curriculum


Learning Management

System Overview

The SuccessMaker management system keeps you in the know and in control while the program does the heavy lifting. From managing student information to tracking progress and reporting performance data, SuccessMaker gives you the tools to inform instruction and make educational decisions.



Monitor Time on Task

Because the best results are achieved when minimum usage requirements are met, managing time on task is critical. To help teachers monitor time on task more easily, SuccessMaker's dashboard features a "Time Goal Monitoring" graphic view to help teachers easily see big-picture class usage or individual student usage as desired.



Review and Reteach

Viewing the Last Session graph with individual students and reviewing the learning objects from that lesson which are linked directly to the graph provides an ideal opportunity to reteach diffi cult concepts the student encountered in the previous session.



Support and Intervene

For delivering targeted intervention, precision is key. SuccessMaker drills down to the instructional strand name, level, description of the specifi c unmastered learning objective, and the date on which the student became at risk of not mastering the skill. This level of detail allows teachers to quickly assess risk levels and deliver timely, targeted intervention.



Manage Accountability

SuccessMaker helps you manage accountability with tools like the skills mastery view that lets you quickly see who’s on track and who needs additional support to master target skills.



Forecast Achievement

To ensure that every student is prepared to show mastery on high-stakes assessments, SuccessMaker provides a snapshot of growth comparing starting, current and target course levels with a visual map of gain trends over time. Additional performance detail on every session taken can also be accessed directly from the graph.


Program Facts

State Pages

  • 21st Century Learners (P21)
  • Whiteboard Compatible (WBC)
  • Digital Courseware
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • STEM
  • Funding