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Pearson is pleased to provide election 2008 coverage for your classroom. The materials posted on this page are meant to help you and your students delve into the people, the process, and outcomes of the recent U.S Presidential election. The goal is to help students understand the process more clearly, and help engage them in local, regional, and national political campaigns and elections as an informed citizen. The materials posted here can be used by students. Please contact your sales representative for a link to the Teacher page that has black line master worksheets, as well as an annotated Teacher’s Edition version of the chapter.
Participate! Vote! You can’t complain about process or outcome if you aren’t a part of it.




Chapter: The Presidency

Chapter opener
Section 1: The President’s Job Description
Section 2: Presidential Succession and the Vice Presidency
Section 3: Presidential Selection: The Framers’ Plan
Section 4: Presidential Nominations
Section 5: The Presidential Election
Teacher Edition





The student text materials listed above have been pulled from the Magruder’s American Government Foundations edition, ©2009