SuccessMaker®: A Digital Learning Curriculum

SuccessMaker®: A Digital Learning Curriculum

Research and Validity

Pearson combines the latest education theories with decades of real-world experience to bring the most innovative digital learning solutions to your classrooms. We support your own commitment to quality education by creating standards- and research-based software solutions that stand up to efficacy demands, industry reviews and customer expectations.

The Proof is in the Numbers

Independent data shows that SuccessMaker really works. If your math performance scores aren't adding up, we're ready to help you balance the equation. The results speak for themselves! Learn more and see the full efficacy study report here.

From the initial product development to usability and efficacy testing, research is a big part of what we do. The research that went into SuccessMaker constitutes the biggest ongoing research effort to date for any of our digital products.

SuccessMaker's comprehensive, rigorous K-8 curriculum is developed through rigorous analysis of:
  • State standards across the country.
  • The Common Core State Standards Initiative.
  • Recommendations of leading educational organizations including the National Reading Panel, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Project 2061's Benchmarks for Science Literacy and the National Science Education Standards.

Demo SuccessMaker

Visit the SuccessMaker Content Gallery for more detailed information on our continued efforts to work with current SuccessMaker users to drive ongoing product development and improvement. Click the link to learn more,


Efficacy Study

Efficacy Study
Click here to see the full efficacy study report.