Developmental Reading Assessment®, 2nd Edition PLUS (DRA2+)

Developmental Reading Assessment®, 2nd Edition PLUS (DRA2+)

Research and Validity

Development of the DRA2 was based on what educators and the extant research literature identified as being key characteristics and behaviors of good readers. The DRA2 is founded on a number of premises drawn from various sources, including the research literature concerning reading development and instruction.

The following reliability analyses were performed during DRA2 development:

  • Internal consistency reliability
  • Passage equivalency
  • Test-retest reliability
  • Interrater and expert rater reliabilities

The DRA2 is a valid measurement of accuracy, fluency, and comprehension, as evidenced by the following validity measures:

  • Criterion-related validity
  • Construct validity
  • Content validity

Download the DRA2 Technical Manual by clicking here.