Concepts and Challenges Life, Earth, and Physical Science ©2009


Features and Benefits

  • Built-in reading strategies such as pre-taught science vocabulary that is redefined in context, review questions that follow every passage to ensure comprehension, and text design that supports outlining.
  • Strong Pedagogy and Proven Success
    • Lesson titles are posed as questions to develop science inquiry skills in students.
    • Frequent questions reinforce understanding of concepts.
    • Unit reviews provide additional comprehension questions, study skills, and independent learning activities.
    • Program encourages online strategies for extending learning and helping to address different learning styles.
  • Flexibility for your specific needs. Teachers may choose to use Concepts and Challenges as either a full-year program or to supplement an existing hands-on curriculum. Either implementation can be used to support striving students who are in a regular science classroom but can't succeed using a basal science text.
  • Supports Science Inquiry with hands-on activities and lab exercises in each chapter and the Web InfoSearch feature develops using the Web for research.
  • Provides Relevance to help students relate science concepts to everyday life. the Lession features offer profiles of scientists, scientific breakthroughs, and science careers. These features enhance student interest and help them make important connections to real life.