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With over 40 years in the education business, Pearson’s Curriculum Digital Products have empowered students and their teachers in schools across the nation with research-based, comprehensive curriculum solutions for Pre K-12 and beyond. Did you know that numerous schools and districts across New Mexico use our products to improve teaching and help students achieve success? With many long-standing relationships state-wide, we understand the concerns and needs of New Mexico's superintendents, administrators, technology directors, curriculum personnel, and teachers. We make it our business to understand the issues and partner with you to address the big picture.

Thanks for visiting. We look forward to meeting you and helping your students reach their greatest potential.

Jason Dance
Vice President, Elementary Curriculum

Dave Myers
Vice President, Secondary Curriculum


Waterford’s engaging, digital curriculum provides students with an individualized experience from introduction to mastery of critical concepts essential for a strong educational foundation.  Waterford offers initial, explicit instruction in mathematics, science, and language arts complete with a robust management system allowing teachers to track student achievement and manage accountability requirements.

SuccessMaker Enterprise

SuccessMaker Enterprise provides a diagnostic and individualized 21st Century approach toward learning to accommodate a full array of different learning styles. Including those served by special education, or who are gifted, at-risk, or English language learners; SuccessMaker Enterprise addresses the full range of learner abilities through standards-based, targeted curriculum.


ELLIS’ individualized and prescriptive instruction inspires confidence while building core English skills. Through ELLIS’ engaging, digital media, learners receive exposure to authentic language contexts and natural language use. Optional native language support offers a comfortable, personalized experience while the Watch-Learn-Practice-Play/Perform instructional methodology quickly moves learners from observer to active participant.


NovaNET is a comprehensive online curriculum for middle school, high school and adult students. It offers self-paced learning and any-time access with reporting for AYP, NCLB and progress measurement.  Computer based, online delivery allows your investment to meet the diverse needs of your students including credit recovery, alternative education, remedial and gifted tracks.  Aligned and prescriptive curriculum combined with annual course releases offers easy integration of the latest pedagogy.

Grants and Funding

Products from Pearson fit many state and federal grant requirements. We can assist you with grant opportunities every step of the way, from workshops and individual consulting sessions, to how to write a grant.

Some of the funding sources most often used by our customers include:

  • Title I, Part A – Improving Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged
  • Title I, Part B1 – Reading First
  • Title I, Part B2 – Early Reading First
  • Title II, Part D – Enhancing Education through Technology
  • Title III – Language Instruction for LEP students
  • Title IV, Part B – 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • Title V – Innovative Programs
  • Title VI, Part B – Rural and low-income school achievement program
  • Title VII – Indian, Native Hawaiian and Alaska Native Education
  • IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
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