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This is the place for Pre-K curriculum, assessments, teacher support, and home connections. Pearson Pre-K resources help you understand, engage, and teach each child in your Pre-K classroom. Prepare early learners for kindergarten and beyond.

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Featured Pearson Pre-K Education Resources


Integrated Curriculum & Assessment

Opening the World of Learning™ OWL

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Pre-Reading Skills

Ready Readers®

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Early Childhood Professional Books

Early Childhood Education - Professional Teacher Resources

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Home Connection

Read Together, Talk Together™

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Early Literacy with Music

Sing, Spell, Read & Write®

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Observational Assessment

The Work Sampling System, 5th Edition

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School Readiness

I See I Learn® at School

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Informational Texts


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Professional Development

Professional Development Services

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Nita’s Notebook and Nita’s Playbook

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Pearson Pre-K Webinars

Looking for Pre-K teaching ideas, coaching, and support? Webinars are free and open to all early childhood professionals. Pearson recognizes that teaching young children takes ongoing practice, guidance, and wisdom. And a good deal of patience and humor! Don’t miss these inspiring conversations with experts and colleagues. 

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On-Demand Program Overview: OWL
OWL is a comprehensive, integrated Pre-K curriculum providing equitable content, resources, and literature in both English and Spanish.
On-Demand Building the Foundation for Success in Literacy
Join Pre-K Literacy Expert, Elfrieda Hiebert!
On-Demand Teaching with Intent! with Stuart Murphy
Modeling Positive Behaviors for Young Children
On-Demand Where's the Math? with Nita Copley
Appropriate, Intentional, Foundational, and Playful Activities for the Young Child