Thank you for choosing Pearson for your AP Summer Institute needs. In May, Pearson will once again have this website live to offer you support for your 2017 workshops.

In 2017 and beyond, we will be providing you access to most of our programs through an electronic bookshelf. The advantage to using the Pearson eText within this bookshelf is that you and your attendees will have access to multiple programs if offered within the discipline.

Once our site is live you will see the complete details on how Pearson will be supporting workshops this year. We hope you return to this APSI website so we can work with you again. In the meantime, please visit to review our Pearson programs and offerings.

Your Pearson AP Summer Institute Team

P.S. Please inform attendees that they can request printed texts, as needed for adoption review, once they get back to school, through their Account Managers.


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