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March 08, 2017 Elfrieda “Freddy" Hiebert - The Role of Vocabulary Learning in Social Studies ›
All of the disciplines that are part of social studies, whether it’s history, economics, geography, or civics, are full of critical concepts. Critical concepts are represented by labels—that is, vocabulary. In this presentation, Freddy Hiebert will describe strategies for supporting students’ facility with vocabulary, while also deepening their knowledge of the big ideas and concepts of social studies.
March 08, 2017 Anne Rice - Transforming your classroom into a NextGen student-centered learning environment ›
Middle School teacher Anne Rice will share strategies and best practices on how to transition to a student-centered Next Gen classroom.
March 09, 2017 Rich Sayers - Building for Success in Upper-Level Spanish Courses ›
This session provides practical solutions for preparing all students for success in upper level Spanish courses, beginning with Spanish 1. The session explores how to develop communication, build literacy skills, use authentic resources, deepen cultural understanding, and prepare for advanced exams. Come and hear the presenter’s ideas, see demonstrations of materials and technology, and share best practices.
March 09, 2017 Chuck McMillan - Take Your Students On a Quest! A Real-World Problem-Based Learning Project that Incorporates All Three Dimensions of NGSS ›
Experience a real-world Problem-Based Learning project that incorporates all three dimensions of the NGSS and immerses students in an environment of inquiry.
March 09, 2017 Zipporah Miller - Cultivating a Culture of Argumentation in Your Classroom ›
Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation, are skills students should possess that allow them to compete in today’s global economy. Cultivating a culture of argumentation in classrooms, afford students the opportunity to develop these skills. This session will model techniques that help encourage students to formulate explanations based on evidence, in an effort to defend their ideas or challenge a classmates ideas. This session will also demonstrate how argumentation allows students to challenge the status quo based on evidence.
March 09, 2017 Michael Wysession - Teaching Geoscience in an NGSS-Focused Curriculum ›
A member of the NGSS writing team, Michael Wysession will discuss the challenges and solutions to teaching Earth and space science (ESS) that meets the NGSS.
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On-Demand Author Webinar: Dr. James Fraser ›
Setting You and Your Students Up for Success in AP® U.S. History
On-Demand Author Webinar: Dr. Donald Bear & Dr. Lori Helman ›
The Why, What, and How of Word Study in English and Spanish
On-Demand Author Webinar: Dr. Ernest Morrell ›
New Directions in Teaching English: Creating Powerful Readers and Writers in 21st Century Classrooms
On-Demand Author Webinar: Shane Templeton ›
Words Their Way and Effective Balanced Literacy Instruction
On-Demand Author Webinar: Eric Milou ›
The Internet Generation