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March 02, 2017 myWorld Social Studies K-5 ›
myWorld Social Studies helps students become actively engaged through personalized and integrated instruction.
March 06, 2017 Kathy Swan - The Wizard of Inquiry: Finding your own ruby red slippers ›
To unlock the mystery of inquiry one must go on an arduous journey….Only the truly gifted educator will be able to complete this odyssey. Hyperbole aside, social studies teachers might be experiencing fatigue as inquiry teaching and learning can sometimes be made to seem akin to reaching educational enlightenment. But, experience shows us that inquiry is how we learn best. Rather than thinking of inquiry as something new, we will spend time making current practices of inquiry visible. Then, we will spend time delving more deeply into the Inquiry Design Model (IDM) ( and the way in which the model helps to support both teachers and students engaged in inquiry.
March 06, 2017 Keishla Jones - Engage the Brain & Increase Student Talk Time with Active Classroom Strategies ›
Who's doing most of the talking in your classroom? Learn strategies to increase the academic discourse in your Social Studies classrooms. This workshop will demonstrate how active classroom strategies can create interactive opportunities for students to think about and discuss social studies content. Participants will acquire strategies to integrate quick and easy energizer activities to increase class participation, deepen the level of discussion, and encourage students to justify their thinking with historical evidence.
March 07, 2017 Rich Sayers - Reaching All Students in the World Languages Classroom ›
Finding authentic resources can be a challenge to any Spanish teacher. Making those authentic resources accessible to all students in any level of Spanish is an even greater challenge. This session will demonstrate how to utilize authentic videos, audio, and print resources with different levels of Spanish students.
March 08, 2017 Mary Smeby - Connecting Classrooms Through Authentic Resources ›
Learn to leverage authentic resources in your language classrooms to increase understanding, motivation and cultural awareness in your students.
March 08, 2017 Elfrieda “Freddy" Hiebert - The Role of Vocabulary Learning in Social Studies ›
All of the disciplines that are part of social studies, whether it’s history, economics, geography, or civics, are full of critical concepts. Critical concepts are represented by labels—that is, vocabulary. In this presentation, Freddy Hiebert will describe strategies for supporting students’ facility with vocabulary, while also deepening their knowledge of the big ideas and concepts of social studies.
March 09, 2017 Rich Sayers - Building for Success in Upper-Level Spanish Courses ›
This session provides practical solutions for preparing all students for success in upper level Spanish courses, beginning with Spanish 1. The session explores how to develop communication, build literacy skills, use authentic resources, deepen cultural understanding, and prepare for advanced exams. Come and hear the presenter’s ideas, see demonstrations of materials and technology, and share best practices.
March 21, 2017 interactive MUSIC powered by Silver Burdett with Alfred ›
This Pre-K – 8 all-digital program, developed jointly by Pearson and Alfred Music Publishing, provides a rich array of assets and engaging activities for any general music curriculum. Teachers can select from a wide variety of content on the Online Learning Exchange to customize lessons and meet the needs of all students.
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On-Demand Social Emotional Learning Through Project-Based Learning ›
Students with high emotional intelligence have better attention skills and fewer learning problems. These students are generally also more successful in academic and workplace settings. Join Anne Morrison, Curriculum Developer at Yale University's Center for Emotional Intelligence. Anne will show you how to use project-based learning techniques to enhance social and emotional skill development in your classroom.
On-Demand Applying C3 to Everyday Instruction ›

Join the lead writer of the C3 Framework! Dr. Kathy Swan will show you how to apply the C3 framework to your everyday Social Studies instruction. Explanations, demonstrations, and dynamic examples offer practical ideas. Learn how to entice students to craft complex and incisive questions. Explore ways to get them to think critically about primary and secondary historical sources. See how to help students form and support their opinions with evidence. Dr. Swan will discuss the Inquiry Design Model. Deconstruct an inquiry focusing on the questions, tasks, and sources that provide robust learning opportunities.

On-Demand 3-D Literacy Learning: When English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, & Social Media Blend ›
Focusing on student engagement and interaction, this session immerses teachers into a working, instructional model that blends three core content areas, contextualized within what students are keenly familiar—social media. Teachers will take away the instructional model with several student-driven and created activities, and resources.
On-Demand Dimension 4: Communicating Conclusions and Taking Informed Action ›
So, you’ve asked your compelling question, applied disciplinary content, and evaluated sources. It is time to communicate conclusions and take informed action! This investigation will explore Dimension Four of the C3 Framework. Learn how Dimension Four creates a richer social studies experience through explanations and examples.
On-Demand Primary Sources and Project Based Learning ›
Using your local history museum or historic site to explore primary sources and create student projects in media, theater, literary, and exhibits.
On-Demand Using Project-Based Learning to Transform Your High School and AP History Classroom ›

Join By the People author Dr. James Fraser as he showcases project-based learning ideas in a history classroom. Dr. Fraser will discuss how his book and digital resource, MyHistoryLab, incorporates project-based learning activities and correlates to the newest AP U.S. History exam. 

On-Demand Joyful and Successful Learning Techniques for your Active Classroom ›
Reduce stressors like student boredom, anxiety, and frustration! In this insightful session, you’ll learn to combine intervention strategies with neuroscience research. Explore how to increase student motivation! See how perseverance, resilience, goal-directed efforts, and a growth mindset drive successful student outcomes.
On-Demand myWorld History & Geography for Middle Grades ›
Overview of myWorld History and Geography on Pearson Realize
On-Demand American History 2016 on Pearson Realize ›
Overview of American History 2016 on Pearson Realize
On-Demand World History 2016 on Pearson Realize ›
Overview of World History 2016 on Pearson Realize