Pearson SuccessMaker Math and Literacy Program for Grades K-8

Teacher Focused. Student Driven.
Reading & Math Intervention.

SuccessMaker is an adaptive and prescriptive scheduling intervention program delivering both reading and math curriculum. Stealth formative assessments adjust instruction with every click, swipe, and student response. There’s less frustration and stress for learners. Individual learner paths guide the student to targeted performance goals. Prescriptive scheduling tells you when students will reach key milestones, and dynamic reporting provides data to intervene when it matters most. It’s LEARNING LED BY YOU.


Adaptive Learning for Personalized Intervention

Intelligent adaptive motion personalizes reading and math intervention. SuccessMaker continuously adjusts the pace and path of instruction based on each learner’s performance. 

What makes it better?

The adaptivity is part of the curriculum design, so SuccessMaker seamlessly guides student progress.

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Real-time Data and Predictive Analysis

SuccessMaker not only reports on progress—it predicts it! Predictive analysis helps teachers keep each learner on pace to achieve the targeted performance level. It’s a true pathway to success.

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Success Is in Our Name and Numbers

A long history of successful outcomes includes new quantitative data and new case studies. Use SuccessMaker 2 to 3 times weekly for as little as 15-20 minutes to achieve statistically significant gains.

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Elfrieda H. Hiebert

Elfrieda “Freddy” H. Hiebert, PhD
Program Author
CEO of TextProject
University of California, Santa Cruz

“The biggest problem for the majority of students is that they don’t recognize core words in school texts automatically. SuccessMaker has built onto its already strong vocabulary base the addition of academic vocabulary lessons. Base words are taught directly. Then a three-pronged instructional approach integrates the use of context, morphology, and meaning relationships to strengthen and broaden students’ ability to recognize words. Then students actually read text with the base words and derivations—texts across different genre and content areas. This well-designed vocabulary instruction sets students up for success!”

SuccessMaker meets ESSA's Strong Evidence requirements.