This textbook introduces students to the principles and practices of Health Information Management through understanding of Health Information Technology and its application today.

Topics covered in the text are based on the core competencies defined by AHIMA as well as HIPAA regulations and JACHO recommendations.

To prepare for twenty-first century healthcare occupations, the student needs to understand the connectivity and applications that make up Health Information Systems of today. The text will provide students with a thorough understanding of both the terminology of Health Information Technology and the practical use of Information Systems in actual medical facilities.

Includes pedagogy for easy comprehension:

  • Learning Objectives, Chapter Summaries, and study questions help the reader to understand the material and ensure comprehension.
  • Key terms, the Glossary, and margin notes familiarize students with terminology and buzzwords common in HIT preparing them to communicate effectively with others in a clinical setting.
  • Includes unit objectives, key terms, examples from the experiences of actual healthcare sites, computer practice exercises, helpful hints, study questions, a summary of what was learned in the unit, and a unit test.
  • Two comprehensive evaluations at the mid-point and end of the text will provide a measure of the students’ mastery of the material.
  • Includes a glossary defining every acronym, medical or computer term used in the text.
  • Accompanying Instructors Manual and resource CD will include PowerPoint for each chapter, answer reviews for unit tests and comprehensive evaluation tests, a suggested grading guide, and TestGen.