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Project Turnaround - New York

Pearson Digital Learning - Partnering with New York to turn around the lowest achieving schools


School Improvement Grants (SIG): Turning around and transforming schools and classrooms with Pearson Digital Learning

Pearson Digital Learning's educational software programs are a great fit for Turnaround and Transformation models for School Improvement. These programs help New York schools to integrate technology-driven supports and interventions as part of their instructional programs. Click here to see how our programs align to specific strategies within School Improvement Grants.

Beyond the software, Pearson Digital Learning also partners with New York schools to provide:

  • Best-in-class training, professional consulting services and technical support to ensure that your Pearson Digital Learning programs are part of a true solution.
  • A team of certified grants and funding specialists to answer your funding questions and offer support and guidance for grant applications that include Pearson Digital Learning programs.
  • The peace of mind that comes with having a partner with a 40-year history of helping every student achieve his or her greatest potential.
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