Ramp-Up Literacy®


Build Reading Success

Ramp-Up Literacy, an America’s Choice® product from Pearson, accelerates learning so striving readers can meet the challenges of their grade-level classes. The program helps students gain confidence and develop critical skills to establish a pattern of success in school.

  • Engage striving readers in academic literacy
  • Teach comprehension and writing explicitly
  • Foster independent, self-directed learning
  • Monitor student progress

Accelerate Reading and Writing Performance

Ramp-Up Literacy consists of two double-period courses, each serving as yearlong replacement curriculum:

  • Ramp-Up to Middle Grades Literacy, for students in Grade 6 who are two or three years behind in literacy
  • Ramp-Up to Advanced Literacy, for students in Grade 9 who are two to four years behind in literacy

Program Facts

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