Activate the future with Pearson’s STEM Professional Development Solutions!

Are your students prepared for tomorrow? Jobs in the 21st century require students to think critically, work independently, and apply an array of higher-level skills. Pearson’s professional development services are designed to help teachers seamlessly integrate the principles of STEM into their curricula.

Pearson STEM professional development workshops are hands-on!

Through workshop activities, participants learn:

  • Best practices for teaching high-order thinking skills
  • How to plan and assess STEM activities
  • How to help students apply STEM design principles

Featured Expert

Jarrid Kruse, PH.D.
Assistant Professor of Teaching and
Learning at Drake University
Des Moines, IA

As a K–12 teacher, Jerrid Kruse taught a wide range of content that included chemistry, biology, physical science, earth science, technology, and general science. Kruse currently teaches university courses in chemistry, science education, educational technology, learning, and assessment. He presents and publishes work on the history and nature of science and technology, students’ views of learning, and the enactment of reform-based teaching. Kruse currently serves as the editor for the Iowa Science Teachers Journal.