Diagnostic & Research Services

Find Out if Your Professional Development Is Getting Results

Pearson’s Diagnostic & Research Services help measure the impact of your professional development initiatives on educators’ content knowledge, teaching practices, and student achievement. These services provide critical insights to help guide implementation decisions to maximize your investment in instructional materials and professional development services.


Pearson’s Diagnostic and Research Services help school leaders improve teaching effectiveness.

Perform diagnostic assessments to identify training needs.
Evaluate professional development initiatives to measure educators’ growth and effectiveness.
Provide critical insights you need to guide decisions about follow-up training and support.

Pearson Diagnostic & Research Services

Research shows that as educators engage in high-quality professional development, the first observable change is in content knowledge, then classroom practice, and only then in student performance.

Waiting to focus on student performance data limits your ability to see if your professional development is having the desired effect on actual classroom practices that will improve student performance.

Diagnostic & Research Services provides the services to help you first measure the critical elements of educators’ knowledge and practice, so you can see if you’re actually on a course to positively improve student performance.

District Services from the Diagnostic & Research Team include:

  • Data collection through research-driven surveys to measure educator content knowledge and perceptions of practice
  • Build capacity with inter-rater reliability training for district observers on observational tools and rubrics to measure educator practice that align with professional development goals
  • Analysis of the data to compare educator content knowledge and practice findings to student performance
  • Personalized consultations and support for all services including reviewing results and providing guidance

Diagnostic & Research Services can help you Measure the Impact of PD Services

For SIOP®, Words Their Way™, Common Core Mathematics, Common Core English Language Arts, and Classroom Technology, the Diagnostic & Research Team prepare the right questions and the right analysis for ongoing measurement of educator content knowledge, educator practice, and student performance to ensure that you are on the right track for reaching your professional development goals.