Formative Assessment

A Research-Based Approach to Assessment Literacy

Research shows that teachers need to learn how to use formative assessment accurately and effectively to improve student learning. Teachers need the skills to understand both formative and summative assessment, how to manage day-to-day assessment and how to use assessment to actively engage students in their learning.


Pearson Professional Development can help your district realize the promise of assessment-informed instruction

Use classroom assessment in daily instruction to improve student learning, not just measure it.
Involve students in the assessment process, preparing them to self-assess, set goals, and communicate about their own learning.
Create a balanced assessment system that supports and verifies student learning.

About Assessment Training Institute (ATI)

ATI was founded by Rick Stiggins on the belief that involving students in the classroom assessment process gives them the skills they need to take responsibility for their own progress and success. ATI continues to stay focused on building students' confidence as learners and supporting teachers as they face the challenges of day-to-day classroom assessment.

ATI professional development programs:

  • Teach research-proven strategies that can be used in any subject area at any grade level.
  • Address both assessment accuracy and effective use of assessment results for both summative and formative assessment.
  • Are comprehensive, including study of student-led conferences, sound grading practices, portfolios, and performance tasks and rubrics.
  • Emphasize student involvement in the assessment process, making clear the role of effective feedback in formative assessment and how teachers can prepare students to self-assess, set goals, and communicate about their own learning.
  • Are structured for use in a learning team model of professional development, with all ATI materials formatted for collaborative study.

Results Snapshot: ATI

Miles Elementary School, KY

State test scores have improved significantly at Miles Elementary despite the changing demographics. According to Bryant, "The ATI program has had a huge impact on student performance. Our scores have increased steadily every year, from 70% to 83% proficiency rate in reading and from 75% to 85% in math, and we are consistently beating the district and state averages."