2012 Election Teacher Resource Center

Meet the Candidates

Learn more about our 2012 Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

myWorld TikaTok Election Book

A fun resource for students to write their own digital book about the election.

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Interactive Constitution

Check out our Interactive Constitution to learn more about executive power and how it pertains to the President of the United States of America.

Declaration of Independence Tour

As president it's important to know information about how the country was formed. Here get resources to help student study and learn more about the Declaration of independence.

Prentice Hall - America: History of our Nation

Hands-on, digital, customizable resources to help students understand the history of the U.S. and how democracy has helped form our nation.

Mock Election

Get involved in the nation's largest civic education project – the 2012 My Voice National Student Mock Election.

Idea of America

Provocative questions and intriguing content around the history of elections from our partner Colonial Williamsburg.

Citizenship Pack

An interactive activity where students learn the story of four kids who learn to make heads and tails of American Citizenship.

Online Learning Exchange Election Series

Provides access to current election content that can be easily integrated into teachers' lesson plans.


Learn about presidents of the past. Read biographies of past presidents.

Symbols of America

Give your students a chance to interact with key symbols of our republic in a new and exciting way.

Infoplease Election

Check out facts and information about the Election through our FREE atlases, almanacs, dictionary, and encyclopedia.


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