Course 3

Course 3 provides a solid foundation in order to fully prepare students for Algebra 1.

Chapters 1-3 focus on integers, rational numbers and real numbers in order to set the stage for equations, inequalities and functions. Real-World applications to the more abstract algebraic concepts are found throughout the text. More than 5 Activity Labs per chapter ensure students receive the visual and special instruction necessary to conceptualize these abstract concepts and prepare them for advanced math courses.

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Course 3 Student Edition with 6-year digital access
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isbn13: 9781256737223
Course 3 Teacher Edition
price: $103.47
isbn10: 1256737240
isbn13: 9781256737247
Course 3 Workbook
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Course 3 Student Digital Access 6-years
price: $53.47
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isbn13: 9781256743392
Course 3 Workbook Teacher Guide
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isbn13: 9781256739593
Course 3 Student Digital Access 1-year
price: $27.47
isbn10: 1256870692
isbn13: 9781256870692
Prentice Hall Mathematics Common Core Course 1, 2, 3 Examview CD
price: $137.97
isbn10: 1256709832
isbn13: 9781256709831
Middle Grades Math Common Core Teacher Access Pack Course 3
price: $318.47
isbn10: 1256891959
isbn13: 9781256891956
Student Edition plus MathXL for School 6-year access MathXL for School
price: $106.97
isbn10: 1269514776
isbn13: 9781269514774
Student Edition plus MathXL for School 1-year access MathXL for School
price: $77.97
isbn10: 126951749X
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