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Student Achievement Starts with Effective Teachers and Leaders

Pearson's research-based professional development programs are proven to help schools and districts grow student achievement by:

  • Ensuring Fidelity of Implementation for Pearson's research-based curricula
  • Learning and applying Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies.
  • Building Sustainable Instructional Capacity for long-term success.

A Proven Capacity-Building Model for Advancing Educator Effectiveness

At Pearson, we define Educator Effectiveness as the purposeful demonstration of best practices in five key areas that work toward improving student performance:

  • Instructional planning
  • Classroom management
  • Assessment for learning
  • Setting a positive learning environment
  • Instructional delivery

Our professional development team supports that endeavor by helping teachers become sustained learners, honing their content and pedagogical knowledge through a cycle of continuous improvement that’s focused on their individual needs.


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