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A Whole Lot of Change Going On

Standards have changed. Assessments have changed. Instructional practices have changed. Technology is changing—everything. How do schools cope with all this change? Not to mention changing student populations and staff. Pearson Change of Practice Services will help you build a collaborative and innovative school culture. Let’s get started!

Change Practice to Change Learning Outcomes

To change educational outcomes, we need to change our practices. Pearson Change of Practice Services offer a flexible and strategic approach to professional learning. Take time to reflect, learn, and collaborate. Re-engage your educator workforce and uphold rigorous new standards. Build teacher capacity and school leadership with research-proven best practices and shoulder-to-shoulder support.

"To change educational outcomes, we need to change our practices."


Our Approach

We get it. Change takes time. Pearson consultants work alongside you every step of the way. Our long-term commitment to this systemic engagement starts by understanding your needs. We work with you to create a manageable and effective plan of professional learning and job-embedded coaching that meets these needs. Ongoing progress monitoring ensures that the training we do together is relevant, informed by need, and effective.  




A Comprehensive Needs Analysis captures the perspectives of students, teachers, and administrators. The data collection process occurs over two days. On the first day, we’re on site observing classrooms and conducting interviews and focus groups. We then pull up as a team to collate all qualitative and quantitative data. Pearson consultants use the data to develop a personalized plan for your school or district. School leaders receive a full report within two weeks of the visit.



Your teachers and school leaders have a wealth of expertise and experience. Our team of consultants works on site with you and your staff. Pearson consultants bring fresh insights and practices to energize your learning environment. Face-to-face and side-by-side guidance ensures understanding, personal attention, and positive change. We’ll help transform your school into a vibrant learning community.

  • Leadership Services
  • Teaching and Learning Services
  • Continuous Improvement and Sustainability Services
  • Data-Driven Culture Services



All teachers need mentors and models to keep learning and improving. Job-embedded services are critical. They allow for one-on-one guidance, modeling, teamwork, and application of day-to-day teaching practices. Ask questions, share thoughts, get fresh perspectives, and build lasting relationships.

  • Content Coaching for English language arts, mathematics, sciences, STEM, social studies/history, and technical teachers
  • Professional Learning Communities Coaching to improve school-wide collaboration and teaching practices
  • Leadership Coaching to refine management techniques, instructional effectiveness, and student performance
  • Instructional Leadership Community Facilitation to develop a network of peer support


Is your plan working? Outcomes-aligned progress monitoring ensures your school is moving forward and meeting your objectives. Transparency allows for open discussion and productive implementation.

  • Implementation Support and Survey Tools: Online implementation support and survey tools align to the Guskey framework. A data dashboard synthesizes information from multiple evaluation tools. This ensures the plan meets all intended outcomes.
  • How do we know the plan is effective? Pearson consultants triangulate implementation and formative assessment data. This technique provides cross verification from two or more sources. Your school leadership team receives critical, real-time information at specific intervals throughout the year. A final Program Evaluation analyzes results against expected outcomes.
  • Program Evaluation: A final Program Evaluation measures the effectiveness of your training. But the learning doesn’t stop there. Pearson consultants will help you examine outcomes and connect evidence to further training. What matters is that your team continues learning, communicating, and testing new practices.