Introductory Latin Courses

 DISCE!  is a fully integrated Latin program designed for 21st Century Learning.

 Unique Approach 

Focused on teaching students to read authentic Latin, Disce! combines the best features of both traditional grammar- and reading-approach textbooks.

 Disce! engages students with a wide variety of reading, grammatical, cultural and spoken exercises that integrate their own experiences into the learning process.

 Original, Engaging Storyline 

Disce! offers a connected story set in Rome ca. 9 B.C. that follows the lives of two different families. In each chapter, students are first exposed to basic grammar concepts followed by related readings, then each chapter concludes with more traditional in-depth grammar explanations and terminology. The story line and cultural materials in each chapter provide real insight into life in Ancient Rome and will engage students as they increase comprehension and grammar skills.  

 Transition to Authentic Roman Authors 

Authentic Latin appears in every chapter, often worked into the story line and into the Mores Romani section. These readings are adapted to the student’s current reading level and not only include literary texts but also “real” objects like coins, inscriptions and other documents. At the end of the text, every passage used appears complete and unabridged with annotations to help the student read authentic Latin.

 Exceptional Media Resource Available!
MyLatinLab™. Available for purchase.  See Features and Benefits for more information