MyItalianLab™, part of Pearson’s MyLanguageLabs™, is a nationally hosted online learning system created for students and teachers of language courses. It brings together—in one convenient, easily navigable site—a wide array of language-learning tools, resources, and Pearson etext.  MyItalianLab is title specific and access is available for purchase. Visit for complete list of programs.


MyLanguageLabsoffers students and teachers . . .

Personalized Learning features that recognize students as individuals with unique learning needs.

Readiness Checks, found at the beginning of each chapter, cover English grammar concepts necessary for understanding the target-language grammar and provide instant feedback and references to grammar tutorials for additional practice

English and Target-Language Grammar Tutorials offer more than 200 short, animated tutorials that teach the English grammar needed to understand the target-language grammar covered in the text.


Multilayered Feedback and Point-of-Need Support provided in three layers as students complete self-scoring activities: Feedback bubbles provide hints on why an answer is incorrect; on the second try, the “Need help?” feature appears with links to specific sections in the eText and additional resources; the resource tool bar provides links to grammar tutorials, the eText, an audio glossary and interactive verb chart.


Oral Practice options to help students increase their oral profi ciency without leaving the online environment.

Voice Recording capability allows students to record their verbal responses to activities that appear in

either the Student Activities Manual or the Additional Practice folders.

Audio Feedback provides instructors the opportunity to respond to their students with recorded verbal feedback.

Online Oral Communication Tools connect students with their classmates or teacher via discussion activities.


Instructor Tools Adapted to Language Teaching are powerful, easy-to-use resources that have been specifically developed to address the needs of language teaching:

• Use “as is” or make it your own! Default preferences make it possible for teachers to use MyLanguageLabs “as is.” However, a clearly designed Preferences panel allows you to tailor the course to meet your specific needs.

• Ability to edit and grade open-ended questions: In addition to grading students, teachers can insert comments or common error codes and make corrections.

• Customizable gradebook options allow teachers to add columns and organize as needed.


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